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Always feel free to contact Littleton Youth Sports
 for any additional information.
Basketball Season runs November - February
Littleton Youth Sports basketball teams are put together based on the players grade in school.


Players may "play-up" one year, but are not permitted to "play-down" a grade level.


1st graders have to option to play in our Grade K-1 introductory league or play up in the 2nd grade age group.


2nd grade teams are typically a mixture of 1st and 2nd graders. Grade K-1 teams practice one evening per week while all other teams practice two evenings per week.


Games will be played on Friday evenings (for 2nd & 3rd grade teams) and Saturdays (for K-1 and 4th-8th grade teams). One to two games per week.


Holiday Break: No games or practices will be held December 23-January 8 (unless your coach arranges a gym for practice on his own).


Championship Tournament: The AYL offers a championship tournament following the regular season.  All teams from each age group and division qualify to play in the post season tournament.




The kindergarten and first grade program is a coed program offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn the fundamental skills  as well as the rules of the basketball in a safe and fun environment.


The K/1 program is designed to introduce players to the basic skills of basketball while maintaining a focus on preparing kids for the next level. 


This season kids will participate in 8 games; the first four will be scrimmage style with coaches on the floor instructing kids and the last four will be more real games with coaches on the sidelines and a referee monitoring play.


Teams generally practice one night a week for one hour at a local elementary school gym.


The prices is $140 - Your registration fee includes a t-shirt for game days and a medal of participation at the end of the season. 


All games are Saturday mornings from 8:30-12:00 at Endevour Academy 14076 E Briarwood Ave Co 80112


K/1 Rules of Play

The K/1 program is designed to introduce young players to the game of basketball in a safe and fun environment.  The “rules” for K/1 are intended to support this goal. 

All games will be played on 8’ baskets.

Man to man defense only, no zone.  Players may double-team in the lane

Players may not steal the ball when the opposing player is dribbling outside of the lane

Inside the lane, a defensive player may steal the ball from a dribbling offensive player as well as double-team

Stealing is allowed when opposing player is passing the ball

Jump ball to start the game; ball given on the half court line according to the possession arrow after that

​Alternate possession rule when a player from each team has possession at the same time

Four 10 minute quarters with running clock; mandatory substitution after 4 minutes; three minute halftime

substitutions are NOT time outs, please be prepared and make the substitutions quickly in order to keep the games on schedule

Players will match up according to colored wristbands and are required to stay with that player while on defense

Traveling, 3-seconds and double-dribbles are called leniently and only when the rule has been grossly violate



There are two levels of play.  Teams will be placed in one of the following divisions based on the skill and experience of the team overall.  Generally, the decision as to which level the team competes is up to the Head Coach.

Division 1 - This level of competition is intended for kids who have been playing basketball consistently and understand fundamentals of ball handling and basic game rules. Teams that have played together in other leagues for at least one year should consider playing at this level. Returning AYL teams that have a greater than 50% winning record AND 60% or more of their players returning are required to play at this level.

Division 2 - This level of competition is intended for kids who desire a competitive basketball experience but may not have been playing on a consistent team in previous years or are just moving up from a recreational league.

All teams will be reviewed by the Basketball board to determine if further division of age groups is necessary, based on teams registered. Divisions within age groups will be split into further groups: West, East, South & Midwest. The Board will work together to create groups based on standings history and coach information to provide for better competitive matchups. Based on number of teams registered, separate playoff and championship games may be provided to groups as appropriate.


Your registration fee includes a t-shirt for game days.

UNIFORMS for Grade 1-8
Uniforms are to be purchased at the Warriors Field House located at: 8160 Blakeland Drive, Littleton, CO 80125 - Uniforms consist of a jersey and shorts.  The cost is approximately $50.


It is suggested that each participant has their own basketball for practice.  Gym shoes are required.


$140.00 - K/1

$225.00 - Grades 1-8